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Carbon Fiber Stainless Slim Wallet

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Versatile. It’s what carbon is. It creates life. It creates power. It creates beauty.

That’s what Carbon Wallet does for you. It helps keep your currency - your cash and your cards. So that you can buy things that give you life, power, and beauty.

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It’s stylish, sleek, and 100% streamlined design fits in every pocket. You can keep up to 12 cards in its tough carbon fiber shell. You can carry as much as 20 bills with its stainless steel money clip. It’s the Carbon Wallet guarantee.

So get your Carbon Wallet now and get the versatility of life, power, and beauty.

In the end, it’s …


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  • Holds up to 12 of your cards without stretching out.
  • Protects you from wireless theft by using RFID blocking technology
  • Stylish, strong, and slim 3k fiber weave matte finish
  • Lightweight at 1.6 oz
  • Fits anywhere at 86 x 54 x 6 mm
  • Lifetime Warranty


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  • 8 Reviews
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Short story: I didn’t want to pay $105 for the brand name CF wallet. So, Carbon Wallet to the rescue. I’ve had it for a week. I like it. The amusing part about the wallet is it’s weight. There’s no way to be prepared for how light it is. Then when you add a dozen credit cards, the cards and the wallet don’t seem to weigh much. The money clip is great. Buy this!

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Very good quality, fast shipping. The card is sturdy and solid. Holds cards nicely. The money clip i strong and notes don't fall out. Must buy for the price!

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I just got the product, it's nice finished and it has a smooth touch that makes nice to hold in hand, the money clip it's strong and has no problem keeping some cash

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I wanted something small I could keep in my front pocket during vacation. Being in crowded locations a back pocket wallet made me uneasy so I purchased this one based on the reviews. With it in my front pocket I could easily check to make sure it was with me with a quick slap of my hand when standing up and feel I didn't bring attention to it in crowds.

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Was skeptical about the “12 cards” claim but it proved accurate. Awesome!

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Ali A.

Quite the vibe I wanted from a carbon fiber wallet.

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I’ve had the wallet for 3 months now and I love it. The side elastics will eventually wear thin and break, but it’s still a great wallet

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Jason L.

I have to admit I'm pleasantly surprised! I just got it and it seems sturdy and of high quality. Time will tell but I'm very pleased so far. Fast shipping also!